Al-Ayesha Foundation is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Patna, Bihar. The purpose of establishing Al-Ayesha foundation 2012 was empowering the downtrodden and linking them with the mainstream through education, training and financial support. More specifically, at the moment, Al-Ayesha Foundation is working towards organizing the institutes for different class of children belong to poor section of society by providing them with opportunities to earn their livelihood.

 It has been around for more than three years Al-Ayesha Foundation works towards empowerment of women and girls in India, guarantee their fundamental rights, and increase understanding of social issues from a gender perspective. They operate on local, national and regional levels in an effort to enhance the capacities of individuals, communities and institutions for creating a humane, equitable and gender-just society.

Al-Ayesha Foundation has taken initiative to promote an education and activity centre created with an aim to provide a secure knowledge and livelihood base to the underprivileged children though moral, social and material support. It undertakes activities like education at free of cost, supports their livelihood by selling handicrafts made by these kids, plays, shows, medical camps, etc. Personally, this is one of those NGOs that do wonderful work in educating underprivileged children and saving them from child labour and also giving them a livelihood to incentivize their parents.

Our Vision

We seek a world of hope tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live with dignity and security. Al-Ayesha Foundation will be a global force and a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We will be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people. In India, Al-Ayesha Foundation seeks a society which celebrates diversity, where rights are secured, citizenship realized, and human potential fulfilled for all.

Our Mission

We facilitate the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalized communities in the fight to overcome poverty, exclusion and social injustice. We nurture leadership internally and among partners to achieve this mission.

Our Programme Goal

Women from the most marginalized communities are empowered, live in dignity and their households and communities are secure and resilient.

Our Core Values

Our commitment towards a better society drives us. Al-Ayesha Foundation's core values inform all of our work. They shape what we do and how we do it. They bind us to a collective vision and purpose.


Al-Ayesha Foundation staffers act in a manner that reflects a true belief in and appreciation for the dignity and potential of all human beings. Gaining people confidence and creating an environment of trust and openness is essential to our work.