Upcoming Events

Computer Training in Phulwari Sharif, Patna and Fatehpur ,Gaya

Al-Ayesha Foundation provided free computer education to hundreds of unprivileged children in  their centre in village Rupin, block- Fatehpur and in Phulwari Sharif , Patna.

Children are given basic computer training .

Blanket Distribution

Winter – One of the most beautiful seasons and one of the most grueling to get away with. Beautiful in terms of hot coffee, warm clothing, etc…..Grueling in terms of cracking feet, dry skin, viral fevers, cold etc….

For all of us it would be very easy to get away this winter, but the usage of warm clothing, cold creams, moisturizing lotions and etc are all very far away from the imagination of the under privileged people

 Al-Ayesha Foundation has done its part to help the downtrodden and the needy to get away with the cold by donating blankets

In winters, 2016, Al-Ayesha Foundation distributed blankets to the needy at Irki, Jehanabad.

In winters, 2017, Al-Ayesha Foundation distributed blankets to the under privileged people at  Alinagar, Anisabad, Patna and Jaffarganj, Jehanabad

Book Distribution

 Al-Ayesha Foundation visit schools and childcare centres in underprivileged neighbourhood and distribute brand new books to children benefiting from the project. Each book is inspected, sorted, and classified by the age group for which they are intended and by source region for delivery to children in that region.

In the year 2016, Al-Ayesha Foundation distributed books to the backward students of Gaya and Patna.

Distribution of clothes to the needy during the month of Ramadan

Each year Al-Ayesha Foundation  runs a campaign in Ramadan aimed at providing those who are less fortunate with a joyous and memorable Ramadan

Our Ramadan campaign endeavours to provide enough aid and assistance to the poor, so that they too can benefit from, and enjoy the advantages of this blessed month.

Al-Ayesha Foundation had collected these cloths before the month of Ramadan and dispatched them during Ramadan. Al-Ayesha Foundation  tried its best to distribute these items before Eid-Ul-Fitr, to bring a smile on all those that cant afford to buy on this auspicious occasion.

Al-Ayesha Foundation  stated in a press release that it had distributed these subsistence aids to the poor districts and areas.

Al-Ayesha Foundation has been distributing clothes since the past the past 3 years in different places to the underprivileged.

The details are as follows:

Al-Ayesha Foundation organized a clothes distribution during the festive month of Ramadan in Urdu Girls High School in Gaya in Ramadan 2015.

Clothes distribution was organized by Al-Ayesha Foundation in month of Ramadan 2016 to the underprivileged in Jehanabad.

Al-Ayesha Foundation organized a clothes distribution during the festive month of Ramadan for the needy in Alinagar, Anisabad, Patna in Ramadan 2017.

Computer training in Quasmi High School and Urdu Girls High School Gaya

Al-Ayesha Foundation provided free computer education to hundreds of unprivileged children in  Quasmi High School and Urdu Girls High School in  district Gaya.

Our computer training achieve exceptional academic performance, similar to private computer training institutes but with no costs to the students. 

Apart from computer experts, our selfless volunteers make sure that each child gets the best knowledge about computers.  Every child at our computer learning centre is taught in a friendly manner and their computer learning include :

Introduction to Computers

Computer Basics

School Projects

Computer Tutoring

Exploring Windows

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Scholarship Distribution in Quasmi High School, Gaya

One of our efforts to help the underprivileged with their education and to reduce dropouts due to financial problems; we do a timely distribution of scholarships to those students in need. The distribution was done in Quasmi High School Gaya on 26 January, 2015.

The event began with explaining the purpose of the scholarship distribution, how much is sanctioned and on what basis.

Sayeed Alam general secretary of the school presented the welcome address and conducted the programme.

The names of the students receiving the scholarship were announced and handed over the cheque along with their certificate.

Mr.Syed Alam implored upon the students to work hard come to triumphant in their lives. He said that education is the only tool that will help them to survive in this competitive world. He also advised the parents not to give smartphones to the children because it is proving to be a nuisance in their lives. He also advised the children to shun the practice of night reading which is contrary to natural phenomenon because early morning reading enriches us much more.

Distribution of clothes to poor families.

Al-Ayesha Foundation is going to distribute clothes to poor families on the eve of Ramzan so that the poor families can celebrate their EId happily.

Venue- Urdu Girl's High School, Maroofganj, Gaya
Date- 17-06-2015
Time- 3:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M.

Distribution of Football in Schools

Al-Ayesha Foundation is going to distribute footballs in government school of backward districts of Bihar to promote sports among the children of poor section of the society.

Computer Center

Setup of computer center by AL-Ayesha Foundation for under privileged students.