Our Team

Health & Family Welfare

  1. In the field of Health & Family Welfare:-

  • To undertake all program for ensuring social accountability in conversation, preservation and control to the environment, forest, wildlife.

  • To undertake awakening and intervention programmes for enforcement of environmental law, access to environmental information, town and country planning, integrated population control, atmospheric pollution, waste management, water pollution, sound pollution, treatment and disposal of sewage and silage, biogas, water treatment method and other nature conservation programmes.

  • To organize and run special sanitation and environment protection programmes for hospital, fair, meals, places of pilgrimage, railway stations, bus stations, canteens, hotels, industrial ergonomics.

Youth Affairs

  1. In the field of youth affairs and sports:-

  • To carry out all the programmes/projects for the awakening of national integration, communal harmony, co-operation and cooperative behavior attitude development, moral and social habit development in the youth and to ensure participation in the development of nation and humanity. All indoor and outdoor sports event for the mental and physical development of the youth.

  • To organize and install infrastructure for the promotion of sports, yoga, meditation among youths.

Urban Development

  1. In the field of urban development:-

  • To undertake, assist manage, organize all the programmes of urban development, social economic development particularly, public health engineering, slum community rehabilitation and development, civic amenities and public services, town planning, master plan preparation and implementation, water and hydrometric studies, research and management, sewerage and drainage system and proper disposal of harmful wastage, solid waste management of house hold, medico waste of hospitals and nursing homes and waste management. Establishment of water treatment plan on the bank of rivers to protect them from pollution.
  • To establish and art of state center for education, training and research in urban planning and development.

Science & Technology

  1. In the field of science and technologies and communication & information technologies:-

  • To carry out all the programmes/projects science and technology and communication information technology for popularization, use and inculcation of scientific temper among the people. Also ensure the use of technologies in the field of rural development, appropriate technology, rural technologies, environment and ecology and non-conventional energy, formal education, computer education etc.

  • To organize the program and set-up infrastructure, for the creation of techno-entrepreneurship through structure d training programmes and other facilitating mechanisms.

  • To promote research development adaptation of science and technology for improving quality of life of traditional artistans, landless labors and poor section of the society.

Children Education

  1. In The Field Of Children Education Development:-

  • To establish, develop, maintain technical and non-technical institutions, industrial training centers, schools, madras’s, colleges, libraries, universities, laboratories, hostel for boys and girls, skill development centers, competition, preparation centers, yoga and spiritual centers, sport training centers, vocational training centers, research and other institution for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge among the public in general.

  • To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarship and award program and render other kind of aid to students including supply of study materials, books, stipend, medals and other incentives.

  • To organize programme for the promotion of pre-primary education, non-formal education, computer & information technologies, leadership development, techno entrepreneurship.